Product Range

Midwest Pharmaceutics offers a wide range of products under our own label and has access to many more pharmaceutical ingredients and products internationally from our global suppliers.

Please browse our product list to see if we have what you are looking for. If not please contact us and we will endeavour to source it for you. Indent items will have a lead time, please call to discuss availability.

To place an order via email click here. Alternatively call us toll free 0800 699 696 or fax your order to 06 870 6458.

Stocked Items

Product Name Pack Size
Acetic Glacial Acid Food Grade 100ml, 500ml
Acetone Tech Grade 500ml
Ariderm Emollient Cream 100g, 500g
Ascorbic Acid BP 100g, 500g
Beeswax Yellow 200g
Cetrimide Solution 40% BP 500ml
Citric Acid Anhydrous Powder BP 500g
Coal Tar Solution USP 200ml
Compound Hydroxybenzoate Solution 100ml
DAL White Cream (Emollient) 500g
Eucalyptus Oil 80/85% BP 500ml
Gelatin Caps Size 0 USP 1000ea
Gelatin Caps Size 00 USP 1000ea
Gelatin Caps Size 1 USP 1000ea
Glucose Powder FCC 500g
Ichthammol Ph Eur 100g
Iodine Crystals BP 25g
Iodine Solution Strong USP (Lugols) 100ml, 500ml
Isopropyl Alcohol 500ml
Lactic Acid 80% FCC 200ml
Lactose Powder Monohydrate BP 500g
Lanolin Anhydrous USP 500g
Magnesium Hydroxide Carbonate Light BP 200g
Menthol Crystals BP 25g, 100g
Menthol & Eucalyptus Inhalation 50ml
Methyl Cellulose USP 100g
Methyl Hydroxybenzoate BP 25g
Methyl Salicylate BP 100ml
Methylated Spirits (Ethanol Denatured) with Bitrex 2l
Methylcellulose 4000 100g
Omeprazole Ph Eur 5g
Ora-Blend Sugar Free Suspension Vehicle 473ml
Ora-Blend Suspension Vehicle 473ml
Ora-Plus Suspension Vehicle 473ml
Ora-Sweet Sugar Free Syrup 473ml
Ora-Sweet Syrup 473ml
Paraffin Liquid BP 2l
Paraffin Liquid Light (White Oil) BP 2l
Paraffin Wax Hard 500g
Peppermint Oil 100ml
Petroleum Jelly White BP 500g, 1.25kg
Phenobarbitone Sodium Ph Eur 10g
Phenol Liquid 90% USP 100ml
Potassium Citrate BP 500g
Potassium Iodide BP 50g
Potassium Permanganate BP 25g, 100g, 500g
Progesterone Powder Micronised USP 10g, 25g, 100g
Propylene Glycol USP 500ml
Salicylic Acid BP 250g
Simple Syrup BP 500ml
Sodium Chloride BP 500g
Sodium Citrate BP 1kg
Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate (Sodium Bicarbonate) BP 500g
Starch Powder FCC 500g
Sulphur Precipitate BP 100g
Trichloroacetic Acid Cryst Ph Eur 50g
Triethanolamine Lauryl Sulphate 500ml, 2l
Urea Cryst BP 100g
Zinc Oxide BP 500g

Indent Items

Product Name Pack Size
Acetyl Salicylic Acid Powder Ph Eur
Aciclovir Powder Ph Eur
Benzocaine Hydrochloride Powder
Benzoic Acid Powder BP
Bismuth Subgallate USP
Bismuth Subnitrate Powder Ph Eur
Bromhexine HCI Ph Eur
Caffeine BP
Calcium Carbonate Powder BP
Cinnarizine Powder Ph Eur
Clindamycin Ph Eur
Diclofenac Sodium Ph Eur
Diltiazem Ph Eur
Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride Powder
Hydroquinone USP
Hypromellose Powder Ph Eur
Ibuprofen Ph Eur
Lavender Oil
Lignocaine Base Ph Eur
Lignocaine HCl Ph Eur
Mannitol – Pyrogen free Ph Eur
Metronidazole Powder Ph Eur
Miconazole Nitrate Micronised Powder Ph Eur
Nicotinic Acid Powder Ph Eur
Paracetamol Ph Eur
Phenylephrine HCl Powder Ph Eur
Pilocarpine HCI Ph Eur
Pyridoxone HCI Powder Ph Eur
Resorcinol Ph Eur
Scopolamine( Hyocine) HBr Powder
Silver Sulphadiazine Powder Ph Eur
Sodium Benzoate
Spironolactone Powder Ph Eur
Sulfacetamide Sodium Ph Eur
Thymol Crystals BP